What Is Zeelo?

Zeelo is your dedicated home to work commuter service.

How do I log in/sign up?

You can log in to your Zeelo using the website or by downloading the Zeelo app.

How do i change my password?

  1. Go to My Rides

  2. Click on Change Details

  3. Click on Change password

4. Enter a new password twice followed by clicking on Save new password

All done! πŸ‘

πŸ“² Whilst your here please check your mobile number is correct, we will notify you of any service updates.

⚠️ Please note you are only able to change your personal details via the website. This feature is not available on the app.

🎬 Watch the video below for more information on purchasing your Avara Travel Pass, editing and cancelling your Zeelo ride.

πŸ€–:πŸ’° What is Auto Top-up?

Auto Top-up allows riders to save their credit card details and automatically top up their selected travel pass whenever the total number of rides reaches two or less. The top-up will add the number of rides within the travel pass: so if it is a 10 ride pass, it will add 10 additional rides.

How do I use Auto Top-up?

To activate it, riders just have to tick a box during checkout (see picture below). Riders will be reminded that they have Auto Top-up activated whenever they navigate to their β€œMy Rides” section.

You can change your registered card details and turn this feature off at any point.

Find out more information on Auto Top-up please here

How do I contact Zeelo?

The quickest way to get in touch with the Zeelo team is via live chat.

You can locate the chat icon at the bottom right of every page on the website/app.

πŸ“² 0330 808 3306

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