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Can I suggest a new stop?
Can I suggest a new stop?

Register interest, suggesting a stop, suggesting a route, why can't I see the route I want?

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If you find that there is a Zeelo program you'd like to travel on but there is no stop near you, you can suggest a new stop. When on a booking page for a destination you're interested in, on the booking form you'll find a button that lets you do this:

We're always interested in finding out where unmet demand is, so letting us know gives us a better chance at putting a service on for you. After suggesting a new stop, we'll get in contact with you if and when we put a new route live!

💡 Sometimes we encourage people to suggest stops for us even if we're not running services to the particular destination yet. In these cases, you'll bypass the booking page and be able to suggest a stop straight away.

If you have any questions please complete this form and someone from our customer care team will be in touch usually within 24 hours.

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