In line with Government advice, all passengers on public transport over the age of 11 are required to wear a face covering unless medically exempt.

Further information can be found via the website

To adhere to the government guidance we politely request that all passengers must cover their face for their safety, the drivers safety and for the safety of all other members of the public.

All Zeelo drivers will be aware of this measure and will request that you cover your face before boarding the vehicle.

We understand that some of you may not be able to cover your face due to health reasons, please carry your exemption lanyard where possible.

Unfortunately, if you refuse to wear a face-covering then you will be unable to board the service for the safety and wellbeing of everyone.

Other safety measures:

  • Please continue to queue two metres apart when boarding and waiting for your service.

  • Please only board the vehicle up to 10 minutes before departure to minimise time spent in closer proximity on board

  • Respect the driver's safety by refraining from physical contact and presenting your passes (where applicable at a safe distance) whilst boarding. In some cases the driver may alight the vehicle to allow passengers to board so please await driver instructions before boarding and be courteous, this may also be the case when alighting at the destination.

  • Please continue to board filling the rear of the vehicle first and alighting from the front to the rear, sitting only in the seats which are not marked by our or the operators ‘do not sit’ signage.

  • Please continue to use the hand sanitizer provided on board.

For further information please contact our live customer service team on our live chat at the bottom right of the website or drop us an email at You can also call the team on 0330 808 3306.

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