Zeelo are pleased to be operating the dedicated KES/SGGS service for the 2020/21 School term. We have some new rules to follow in order to keep safe, and we also have some new features to share with you.

Whats new?

  • New stop added to the route at Chase Meadow - Shakespeare Avenue bus stop on Stratford Road, diagonally opposite the entrance to Fisher's Court

  • COVID-19 cleaning and safety measures

  • 'Follow my rides' - You can now allow friends and family to follow your account so they can be updated on the progress of rides you take with Zeelo

Original Launch date: Monday 7th September 2020

Dedicated school transport, including statutory provision Pupils on dedicated school services do not mix with the general public on those journeys and tend to be consistent. This means that the advice for passengers on public transport to adopt a social distance of two metres from people outside their household or support bubble, or a ‘one metre plus’ approach where this is not possible, will not apply from the autumn term on dedicated transport.

There are some new rules we all need to follow to keep safe

❗❗ Parents and carers must be advised that children or young people must not board home to school transport if they, or a member of their household, has symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19).

❗❗Parents and carers must inform Zeelo immediately if they become aware that their children or young person has a confirmed case of coronavirus so Zeelo can implement their contact tracing policy

1. Social Distancing

The Government are adopting a new position in light of all children returning to education full-time and the fact that ‘1 metre plus’ social distancing measures will not uniformly apply on dedicated school or college transport.

  • The Government acknowledge that distancing and grouping may sometimes not be possible. Where they are not possible, other measures in the system of controls become even more important.

  • When waiting for your Zeelo to arrive, please stand at least 1m apart in your bubbles whenever possible - there will be signage running along the near side of the vehicle to help support this

  • Wait for riders in front of you to board before moving forward

  • Please also make sure your Zeelo ticket is clearly displayed on mobile prior to boarding to help speed things up and get everyone to school on time

2. Boarding your Zeelo

  • Follow the driver's instructions to fill the vehicle from the rear and alight from the front first

  • Wherever vehicle capacity allows, distancing between individual passengers, or groups of passengers, is helpful. It is particularly desirable where children attending different schools travel on the same vehicle.

KES and SGGS students should sit apart at all times: Passengers travelling to KES should sit in seats with yellow headrests, and passengers travelling to SGGS should sit in seats with purple headrests.

  • Students should always try to travel in a bubble of two from the same school at all times whilst using the service (unless siblings)

  • All seating is forward-facing and there will be no face to face seating onboard

3. Face Coverings 😷

Until the start of the autumn term, children and young people have not been expected to wear face coverings on dedicated transport, although they have been able to if they wish.

The latest gov.uk guidance for Home - School services stipulate that all riders over 11 years old should wear a face covering unless medically exempt.

  • A face covering is a covering of any type which covers your nose and mouth. Reusable or single-use face coverings are available for parents and carers to buy. A scarf, bandana, religious garment or hand-made cloth covering may also be used but these must securely fit round the side of the face.

  • The drivers attention should be focused on the overall safety and operation of the vehicle, drivers should not police non compliance. All non compliance will be reported back to Zeelo who will communicate with the relevant school and all parents and riders by way of email/SMS

4. Sanitiser available upon boarding your Zeelo

  • All riders should use hand sanitiser upon boarding and disembarking the vehicle

  • Drivers will not be policing hand sanitisation so we would ask that all parents encourage their children to adopt this as a standard boarding and disembarking procedure

5. Catch it, bin it, kill it!

  • All passengers should carry tissues whilst travelling onboard their Zeelo service

  • In line with government advice The ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach is very important. Schools will be reinforcing this message with children in their communication with families.

  • Where a closed bin is not available onboard the service, students should follow the schools policies on disposing of face coverings on arrival to school

  • Zeelo will ensure good ventilation of fresh air wherever possible by keeping the roof lights, on home to school transport, open

6. Behaviour

  • The Government do not expect drivers to police pupil behaviour. Their role is to focus on driving the vehicle safely.

  • The home to school travel and transport statutory guidance sets out the Governments expectation that schools should promote appropriate standards of behaviour by pupils on their journey to and from school

  • The guidance for schools on returning in the autumn term sets out that schools should consider updating their behaviour policies with any new rules and policies. This may include rules relating to behaviour on the way to and from school. It also includes the consequences for poor behaviour and deliberately breaking it

  • Zeelo will communicate any reports of non compliance to parents and schools to support the best practice and correct behaviours whilst onboard our service

📣 Some frequently asked questions

What is the new timetable?

  • Your Zeelo timetable is as follows

Trinity Street and Upper Parade Diversion

  • Due to current diversions in Leamington Spa town centre for social distancing enforcement , your Zeelo service will not be able to stop at Trinity Street or Upper Parade'

  • Both Trinity Street and Upper Parade will share the bus temporary stop in Beauchamp Road in front of the Kingsley School collecting at 07:50 and returning at 17:00

What about my unused credits from lockdown?

  • All travel pass credits have been part refunded as of Monday 8th March 2021, please refer to our email around refunds

What if our plans change during the day?

  • You can still cancel your Zeelo ride up until 5 min before departure on via the app, term pass holders should note that credits are not returned for not travelling as the pass consists of the exact number of credits for the term

  • On the day purchases can be transferred to another booking or issued a promo code if Zeelo are notified prior to departure that you are not travelling

  • Read more on how to cancel your booking here

How long is my Zeelo travel pass valid for?

  • The Zeelo service is launching on the 7th Sept which is the first day that all years from both School are in attendance

  • All travel passes will expire at the end of the school term

Do I need to opt in to my rides?

  • Full term passes will automatically opt in every journey for the entire term

  • 30 ride passes will require manual opt in of required journeys

  • Every Thursday your rides for the week ahead will be available on the app and website via 'Myrides'

How many buses will run?

  • Zeelo will operate one 70 seat coach, our recent survey for this survey results suggested that parents will be happy for the service to run at full occupancy in line with Government guidelines for dedicated school services

  • As per the above guidance; Zeelo will offer designated seats for each school and display signage onboard to promote this

  • All riders over 11 years old must wear a face covering onboard and should use hand sanitiser upon boarding and disembarking the vehicle

Who's details should be on the Zeelo booking?

  • Please use your child's name to register the account so this shows on the bookings

  • Majority of parents sign up with their own email address which is fine

  • If your child has a mobile phone we suggest their number being on the profile for updates and on the day tracking links

  • Parents can set up 'follow my ride' to receive tracking and identical notifications including when your child has been marked as boarded the bus

How do I manage my 'follow my ride'

  • You can allow friends and family to follow your account so they can be updated on the progress of rides you take with Zeelo. Please check out our help article on 'follow my ride' here

What if the Government puts us back in lockdown?

  • If you purchase a Travel Pass and the service is cancelled or suspended due to COVID-19, Zeelo will automatically refund any outstanding credits

Why has Chase Meadow been added to the route?

  • Based on our recent survey, we have been made aware of the need for a stop to be added to the route at Chase Meadow.

  • The original stop was proposed at The Unicorn; however due to an overwhelming response this has been moved to Stratford Road/Shakespeare Avenue

  • Zeelo will monitor the journey times accordingly across the first week of launch

What are Zeelo doing to keep us safe during COVID-19?

  • Zeelo are taking every steps to make sure operators are deep cleaning their vehicles daily, with all hard surfaces wiped down prior to and after each journey

  • Keeping up to date with Government advice and working very closely with our partner operator Johnsons to implement any changes keeping our service operationally safe for both riders and drivers

  • Providing PPE for Drivers

  • Suppling hand sanitiser for riders to use upon boarding and disembarking the vehicle

  • Ability to manage contact tracing

Get in touch with us via live chat, you can find this at the bottom right hand side of the website or app.

✉️ contact@zeelo.co | 📞 0330 808 3306

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