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How do I turn my Zeelo phone notifications on?
How do I turn my Zeelo phone notifications on?

Mobile push notifications

Updated over a week ago

Mobile notifications are sent to alert you of any reminders / changes to your upcoming Zeelo ride/trip.

This includes; rides/trips open to book, stop closures, timetable changes, route updates etc.

If you're unsure whether the push notifications for your Zeelo app are on, follow the image steps below.

If you followed the steps above, and nothing popped up, then it means you've already enabled them, and you're good to go!

Just check your notifications are turned 'on' in the notifications settings of your phone 📲

Then you're all set! 🚨

If you have any questions please complete this form and someone from our customer care team will be in touch usually within 24 hours

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