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Is there a feature to automatically top-up my rides?
Is there a feature to automatically top-up my rides?

Everything you need to know about the Auto Top-up feature

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The auto top-up feature is available for riders to use. The feature can be toggled on or off for a multi-ride bundle.

What is it?

It allows riders to save their credit card details and automatically top up their selected travel pass/ride bundle whenever the total number of rides/trips reaches two or fewer. The top-up will add the number of rides/trips within the travel pass/ride bundle: so if it is a 30 ride/trip pass, it will add 30 additional rides/trips.


you can click here for video step by step guide on how to activate the auto top up feature or follow the steps below:

To activate it, riders just have to tick a box during checkout (see picture below). Riders will be reminded that they have Auto Top-up activated whenever they navigate to their “My Rides/My Trips” section.

Managing your account

Riders are able to amend the details of their account by clicking on “manage” in the purple box. This allows them to change the credit card they want to use, or to cancel the Auto Top-up entirely.

Problems with payment:

If the Auto Top-up doesn’t work, the rider will receive an email notification telling them it has failed, and that they will need to re-book their travel pass/ride bundle manually.

Changing credit card details:

Riders are able to amend their own credit card details from within the manage Auto-Top-up screen - riders can select a different credit card, add new credit cards and delete credit cards. Riders can also simply change the credit card by making another purchase with a different credit card - this will just overwrite the card we hold on file.

If you have any questions please complete this form and someone from our customer care team will be in touch usually within 24 hours.

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