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How do I book my child's seat on their school service?
How do I book my child's seat on their school service?

Everything you need to know about booking your child's ticket on a Zeelo Home to School service

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  • Visit or download our app

  • Type in the search box your School name

  • This will have a Travel Pass box that you will need to tap

  • On the app go to "book now"/On the Website, you will be taken to the booking page

  • Please create your Zeelo account in your name with your email address. You can add your child's details as the rider in your account

  • Choose your pick-up stop and drop-off and your type of booking (travel pass/return/single)

  • Please select how many passengers will be traveling

  • Choose the pass (not applicable for return and single)

  • Get this pass

  • You will be asked to add a Rider and their DOB

  • Then you will be taken to the payment page please follow the prompts to pay by card or Direct Debit

Do I need to book on to specific rides?

  • One-Way Pass will book the morning trip automatically if you require the inbound trip only, you will need to switch the direction of travel

  • Term & Annual Passes will automatically book a seat on the ride/trip for every journey for the term/school year, you do not need to do anything

  • Multi Ride Bundle (e.g. 10 rides) will require you to book your specific seat on a service. To do this, log into your account and visit 'My rides', from there you can select specific ride/trip times within your ride bundle

You will receive confirmation of your booking in your email inbox and the mobile registered to the account will receive an app notification or text message 45 minutes prior to departure with the vehicle description, registration, and a live link to track the vehicle. If this is not showing, please check your spam folder.

Please be aware, that we do not currently offer the option to link a parent account with a child account. However, you can log in to your account simultaneously on your device and the rider's device. This way, both of you can access the boarding pass/QR code. Another option is to take a screenshot of the boarding pass/QR code and send it to the rider's phone for easy access.

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